Much of the research concerning employees who work from home suggests that productivity increases.

In the short run, people get more done. (The trouble seems to come in the long run.)

The battle cry of a work-from-home newbie is “I get so much more done because I’m not interrupted by drop-ins.”

I continue to believe that Cal Newport presented the best case for work at the office through his plan for deep work.

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Most of us understand time blocking, but few can make it happen on a daily basis. But there is a way to minimize distractions and improve personal productivity.

Try this:

1. Set a ritual for deep work. Same time. Same place. Every day.

2. Do your thing for two straight hours. Disconnect from all phones and social media. Be unavailable.

3. Be accountable for what you accomplish during deep work. Show and tell, often.

4. Be diligent to respond to others as you complete your work session.

5. After six straight months of success with your two-hour block, try to expand to a third hour.

Select your two-hour block based upon your highest daily energy peak. Do deep work when you are at your best.

Take the first step toward deep work, Now, while you are thinking about it, make a list of tough things you need to accomplish. What do you have on your plate that requires your best thinking and work?

Make your list, schedule your block and go deep every day.

Work undisturbed.

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