We hire lawyers to consult with us about legal matters
We hire accountants to provide financial advice and guidance.
We hire engineers to design and produce our inventions and products.

But what do we do when our products aren’t selling, our advertising investment seems to disappear into a dark hole and our revenue isn’t covering our expenses?

Someone must be blamed!

“Facebook didn’t show our message to enough people.  We sent an e-mail message for 3 weeks and didn’t receive a single reply.
We advertised in a top magazine and nothing happened.”


Social media doesn’t work.
E-mail marketing doesn’t work.
Advertising doesn’t work.

There is one common ingredient in all forms of marketing and advertising.  Every message we send must be populated with words.  Good words.  Better words.  The best words.

Words move people to buy. All that any medium can do is deliver words written by people who describe the product or service in hopes of winning a customer.  In far too many cases, the words are not written by a craftsman.

Words are words, right?  Why would I need a professional writer?  Why would I need a lawyer, accountant or engineer?
Some services demand well trained, experienced and competent professionals.

Words matter.  Common advertising seems easy to write.  “We can do this in-house. We know this business better than a writer.  We know how to speak with our customers.”

Advertising writing seems easy because we have been consumers of words since around the age of seven.  We have heard it all.    We’ve read it all.

So, we write like everyone else writes.  And we wait for results.

When results don’t come, we rarely stop to consider the impotent words of an advertisement or e-mail message.  Our accusatory finger extends to a medium.  See? It doesn’t “work.”

It’s amazing how great words produce amazing results in any medium.  The copywriting formula used by professionals follow a strict process of research, discovery, writing, re-.


and testing.

Imagine how you will feel when a professional writer submits a copy platform to you that is different in every way from any message you have read about your product.  Advertising copy is a unique combination of science and art.

If you want to see a change in your marketing results, seek a professional copywriter.

If you’d like to receive a free evaluation of the words you use in your messaging, send me an email and I’ll write a few suggestions on how you can make an immediate improvement in your copy.

Blessings to you,
Dr. Steve Greene

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