The core of every marketing strategy is to create a sale.

Many business owners tend to sacrifice long-term strategy in order to gain a quick sale today.

Industries differ between sales funnel time and acquiring customers.  It can take months or even years for a sale to manifest. A mistake many businesses make is spending the majority of their marketing dollars on acquiring new customers to gain cash today. Solid strategy can feed a business for many years with proper execution.  Immediate outcomes can stress brand building.

Lifetime Value of a CustomerConsider LTV– the lifetime value of a customer.  Do things that will attract customers who will stick around. It doesn’t make business sense to push a loss-leader deal only to lose the customer to a competitor who also bottom feeds.  Our marketing initiatives–and core strategy…should be to attract an enduring relationship, based on how well we deliver the goods! If we produce customer “wow” on a daily basis–we can probably produce sustainability.

Focus on improving the marginal returns of the lifetime value of a customer.  Profits should increase as customers re-buy and refer.

Do you have a strategy to build LTV?

I can help.

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