Billions of marketing dollars are spent every day driving awareness to prospective customers. The evolution of marketing and the age of the internet has changed the sales funnel and customers interaction with brands.

Technology has put the customer in the drivers seat, making push marketing strategies less effective than in previous times. In the 1950s companies pushed advertising to the masses and with the limited channel options and the hype of the platform these strategies moved sales. 

 Reaching the masses with push marketing today will not move customers to intend to buy.

With customers searching for the products they want and ignoring mass advertising, how do you move customers to intend to buy?

  1. Continually drip message to prospects. 
  2. Spend marketing dollars on the platforms where prospects can be found. 
  3. Add value to prospects and current customers with CRM programs. 

It is your message that will move prospects from awareness to intent to buy…develop strategies that encourage prospects to act now.

Drip with frequency.

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