Industry leaders don’t change their brand slogan very often.

Facebook’s brand moniker, “go fast and break things” was well known and often repeated in Silicon Valley.

Kids on skateboards and bikes yelled the phrase as a mantra for speed.  Among coders and app developers, the phrase had become almost trite and colloquial.

At this year’s F8 developer’s conference, Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of a new slogan, “Move Fast with Stable Infra.”  The new slogan was obviously developed to bring comfort and cheer to developers who learned the hard way — a clear definition of “break things.”

Developers became accustomed to buggy releases.  Facebook’s first command was fast.  Bug-free was a pipe dream.

The slogan evolution essentially means to slow down, get it right, then ship the app or Face-Whatever.

Even powerhouse companies like Facebook have difficulty sustaining a company with weak or nonexistent systems or infrastructure.  Better processes produce better outcomes.  “Ship it fast” is clearly outcome focused.

Long-term sustainability is fed by an evolving system based on checklists, methods, formulas, recipes and processes.  As systems mature into routine, outcomes become predictable and flowing.

Need an example?  This is an outcome based question…

How many sales orders did we receive today?

This is a system question…

Did we send “Letter 1” to all of the email leads?


In baking, the outcome may be a cake.  The process involves gathering all of the right ingredients, instruments, utensils and temperature setting.

Ingredients are folded together in the right proportions and combined with the proper touch of experience.  The outcome is cake.

Every time we follow the proper cake process, we make cake.

We may be able to move through the process quickly but the oven temperature and efficacy is critical infra.

The process soon becomes the brand.

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