pickle jar
Pickle jars threaten my manhood.

The dreaded pickle jar is often presented with the challenge, “here, open this.” My favorite solution, after straining every hand and face muscle, is to reach for a tool to provide leverage for my feeble grip.

Business owners need leverage for every process and system.  Waste is not an option.

  • Leverage each customer transaction into larger purchases.
  • Leverage a tweet into a blog, a blog into a podcast, a podcast into a book
  • Leverage a good read into a training class
  • Leverage a thank you note into add-on purchases
  • Leverage one good idea into a strategy

leverageThe key point of leverage is to make an asset and improve the return rate on asset utilization.

Furthermore, an effective dollar spent in marketing should be attached to an ROI multiplier.

Break-even isn’t a good deal.  Leverage will produce ROI improvement.

Re-purpose everything.  There’s more than one pickle in the jar.


If all else fails, create a new asset.

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