The ice bucket challenge reminded me I don’t like cold water, I don’t like hail on my head and one bucket of anything doesn’t change much.


Small business owners often become focused on buckets by throwing money, time and energy at a problem better solved by sustained, consistent effort.  It seems to me that repeated processes produce better and more predictable outcomes.

The urgency to change outcomes in a business often fuels a knee-jerk reaction to grab a bucket of anything.  Desperate action rarely produces sustainable results.

Simple actions, repeated with frequency, seem to make the most impact on a small business.   It’s difficult to measure the impact of small acts, often repeated, because many business owners stop the action too soon.

“I tried that for a few weeks…it didn’t work.”  This is a line that should appear just under R.I.P for too many failed businesses.

Employing a strategy of frequency is a DNA decision for a business.

Every decision a business owner makes should be evaluated as a “rinse and repeat” process.   Make little changes and modify over time.

Drips to consider…


1) CRM — Do you have a process for thanking customers?  How many times do your customers feel appreciated by you?  Don’t throw a bucket of “Customer Appreciation Sales” at your lifeblood.   That bucket has a hole in it.

2) Training — When was the last time you engaged your team in training?  If it wasn’t yesterday, you probably don’t have a process dedicated to improving employee performance.

3) E-mail — Drip key messages to your customers, vendors and employees more often.  Most of us are forgettable.  Our competitors capitalize on our lack of frequent messaging.  Remind us why we love you!  If we have a relationship, I can’t hear from you too much.  Have you written a personal note to a vendor?  Do you still call partners vendors?


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