Things aren’t always as they seem…especially in business.

An early win can often create a feeling of strength, stability and viability: 
 * Early adopters buy
 * We satisfy a pent-up demand for a product or service
 * We sell our friends and family
 * We skim the cream 
 * Delusion sets-in

One of the most important concepts I teach in a marketing management class is WTP-A.
Willingness to pay, again.

A business can enjoy a brief moment as new customers are willing to pay…the first time.  In itself, this is not an easy feat.  Obtaining trial of a new offering is difficult.  But achieving trial is not necessarily a sign of a business destined for success.

After a customer pays the first time, an evaluation of value occurs very quickly.  Buyer’s remorse can set-in regardless of the price of the item.  It seems like every time I buy a candy bar, I regret the purchase and promise to never buy another.  My willingness to pay again has little to do with the sticker price.



More marketing effort is required to gain re-purchase than is required to gain the initial transaction.
  • Write a thank-you note
  •  Ask the customer to purchase again or to purchase an add-on.
  •  Offer on-going training (if relevant).  Make sure your customer gets every ounce of value baked-into the purchase.
  •  Maintain the process of engagement.
  •  Do personal interviews with as many customers as possible.  Learn.  Change.

Process is the great change-agent.  Early success is simply an outcome.  Commitment to defining and executing a process of customer attraction and repeat purchase increases long-term viability.
Today’s cash register receipts can be a mirage… formed with tactics.
 A pipeline-full of process is a leading indicator.  And strategic.

“When all else fails there’s always delusion.”
Conan O’Brien


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