The price to experience a benefit often separates us from goods and services that could really make life better.

We miss things because we must pay to experience the change offered by the product or service.  In business. At home. In our relationships.

Value added is personal and emotional.

Poor marketing has caused the price/value morass. Gone are the Madmen who refused to speak about price. Cost accountants torched the dinosaur called image advertising.  Draper smoked one too many cigarettes.

Dinosaur eggs hatched sales, discounts and bogo’s.  Price and value became whacked.  Someone should have scrambled those eggs.

If marketers would tell more stories and connect with consumer desires…perhaps the negotiation would shift from discounts to emotional ROI.

Consumers need little more than to connect via change.


Small business owners…tell me a story about change.

Then hire more help.

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