When I was in high school, I was lead singer of The Brass Door Knobs.

Our garage band played junior high school proms, birthday parties and practiced so much our parent’s neighborhood association passed rule number 605 to stop the music!  Our music had an acquired taste that wasn’t that easy to acquire.
We had trouble finding gigs.  Our marketing consisted of knowing somebody that knew somebody.  Our branding statement was “if your band cancels at the last minute, we can be there!”  
The latest teen-age singing sensation, Austin Mahone had his own garage band.  One day, the band turned-on an iPhone camera, made a video and placed the video on YouTube.  His content quickly attracted an audience.  He has a deep channel today.  He also sang on the Today show on Memorial Day.  His first album will be released within the week.
Content plus platform equals star power.

Content plus platform equals star power.

Mahone’s “What About Love?” video has almost 80 million views.  Stop for a moment and consider a cohort of 80 million people.  The entire baby boom generation consists of 80 million people.  Sure, some teenagers watched the video a million times but it’s hard to minimize 80 million views.
There are probably a few thousand garage bands out there with equal or better talent.  They sing and dance away in a garage built for two.
Sadly, many great bands never come to a full understanding of the power of a platform.
I contend, the only difference between Mahone’s band and The Brass Door Knobs is platform.  The Brass didn’t have YouTube.
Bands wailing away in garages today, have YouTube … but fail to UseTube.
How many garage bRands play their music today with no platform?

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