How much time do you spend thinking?
Thinking about a run?

Thinking about a run?

Most of us react first and think about thinking after the fact.

Ready, fire, aim misses a lot of targets.
Try this.  Create a “think about” list.  Review it daily.
Force yourself to slowdown and think about your list.  It’s probably a good idea to create another think-list for your team…it could create an interesting meeting!
Here’s an example:
1. Competition–what are they doing that we should be doing?
2. What trends are moving in and out of our favor?  Demography?
3. Do we deliver benefits or price?  How are we doing on our core delivery?  Are we stuck in the middle between price and benefits?
4. Are we local, enough?  All marketing is local and all local is mobile.  How are we becoming more mobile?
5. What can we do to be in front of more people, more often.  Technology is a great tool for speeding up the process of losing clients.  High touch is not just a good idea.
If you need a nudge or help in developing a great list for your company and/or industry, give me a call and we’ll get together.
Please think about the list you create.  This is not a toDO list.  We have enough of those.
Stop and think.

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