I have a love-hate relationship with Apple’s auto-correct.  I love it when it catches a mistake.  I hate it when it corrects something that was right and makes it wrong.  Sometimes very wrong.

I over-ride auto-correct when I am paying attention.  But there are other times when auto-correct takes possession of my phone and I send out a message that may appear on a YouTube video for auto-correct blunders.

Correction is often hard to receive.  It’s equally hard to deliver as well.  Relationships are often damaged in the name of correction.

As workers and leaders we should find a balance between catching right and wrong.  If we catch teammates doing things right more often…we have a better opportunity to speak about other matters which require correction.  Our goal must be to build-up our team as we correct.

As with my auto correct phone, correction is often pushed back at a time when it might be most needed.

Leaders should have a high propensity to receive correction.  And when the need arises to administer correction, leaders should reach into their pool of empathy and only correct in private.

Timing always matters.

Jeremiah 10:24
24 Discipline me, Lord, but only in due measure—
not in your anger,
or you will reduce me to nothing.




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