Continuing a week of sales talk.

Sales quotas are bad for the health of the profession.  As managers, when we focus and even demand a quantitative result, perhaps the customer is lost in depth of field.

Sales quotas imply pressure to perform, sometimes at the EXPENSE of the customer rather than the benefit.

Quotas push a doom loop in sales performance:

* Sales are softroller coaster
* Sales Manager applies pressure to sales team as crisis to perform
* Sellers become more intense during customer meetings
* Sellers’ language gets pushy
* Customers and/or prospects don’t reveal true need
* Seller loses sale(s)
* Sales are softer
* Sales manager considers career in window washing

Whenever we fail to connect with the needs of our prospects and customers …we fail.

Sales is not a numbers game. Sales is a need-meeting privilige.
The right question for a manager to ask a seller is …
“How many customer needs did you meet today?”

When we meet needs, we will meet quotas.

No sales quotas. Need quotas.


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