Why don’t florists sell flowers for Mother’s Day… on Valentine’s Day? 

It would seem wise for an industry heavily affected by seasonal holidays, to develop a strategy to sell products or services in all seasons.  During a flurry of sales days such as the week before Valentine’s Day,  it is easy to lose sight of the fact that the season will end and sales will drop like week-old-roses.

Is there a better time to build a florist’s future business than during Valentine’s season?

Think about the flower giving opportunities that follow AFTER V-Day in the calendar year.  Administrative Assistants Day, Easter and Mother’s Day are probably the 3 best “days” of additional flower buying.  But we know that birthdays, anniversaries and weddings occur every day in between the “big” days.

So, wouldn’t it make sense to make offers for future purchases to EVERY Valentine’s Day customer?

Is it good business to work hard to earn the first purchase and leave repeat purchases to chance?  Should we simply sit back and allow a competitor to take our customer(s) during the next season?

Beginning and/or nurturing relationships is a desired outcome of Valentine’s Day.

There must be more to this relationship than a single moment in time.




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