(Continuing a week of TRADE thoughts)

Sports teams trade athletes. Horse owners trade horses. Collectors trade collections.

I often feel business owners need to find a way to trade for better intellectual property. The collective intellect of a company which informs marketing decisions seems to be teetering on intellectual bankruptcy.

Marketing initiatives and corresponding investments are made in tactical executions with more wishing and hoping than planning and strategizing. Too many companies spray messages and pray something sticks.

Hands are wringing because order lines are not ringing.

It’s beyond time to trade for marketing intellect. Jettison whatever and whoever is not delivering measurable results.

horse race
If your horse isn’t winning races, trade for a horse that can win the next race.

3 Signs of Marketing Malpractice

1- Your marketing advisor thinks he is an expert. The title might even be on his business card. “Social Media Expert”
2- The conversation about marketing turns murky when someone is pressing for verifiable metrics that matter.
3- No testing system is in place. We run a message campaign and we don’t test a single element. There’s nothing to define that practice other than malpractice.

Trade up for improved intellectual capacity. Good talent is available. Great marketers are always learning, accountable and testing fanatics.

Trade, upgrade or raid a talent pool. Don’t allow marketing malpractice.


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