The magnificent Clydesdales have been a mainstay in Super Bowl advertising since 1986.

It’s hard to forget their first time on the main stage.  It was quite striking to see the power and grace of a Clydesdale romping through a beautiful snowscape  in sync  with “when you say Bud you’ve said it all.” Having seen the horses in a parade, I can only imagine what it must have been like to film these horses in snow.

In 1996 we watched as horses played football on a snow covered field.  The brilliant tie-in featured a field-goal kicking stallion.  (Everything was real except the puppet hoof used to film the kicking motion.)

My favorite in the series was a tribute to first responders post-9/11.  Into the background of the Manhattan skyline, the Clydesdales bowed in “respect.”  A simple bow of the mighty horses captured a deeply held feeling of a nation.

Anheuser-Busch rewarded viewers again  this year  as we saw a newly commissioned member of the Clydesdale team make a mad dash to greet his trainer.  The commercial connected with viewers.  According to USA  Today’s admeter, this was the best commercial of the Super Bowl. 

The advertisement was shown deep into the fourth quarter.  It was national spot number 58 by my count.  Fourth quarter placement would scare most brands but Budweiser knows a thing or two about anticipation.

The commercial received well over 5 million views on YouTube and the brewery’s Twitter account added 10,000 followers.  It is only fitting that Budweiser asked viewers to help the name the Clydesdale colt.  The last frame of the commercial asked    “Help name the baby Clydesdale seen in this commercial.  Tweet us your names using  #clydesdales.”

So glad you asked us, Budweiser!  We should all feel like the trainer watching his horse gallop toward him down Main Street.

“That’s my Clydesdale!  I gave him his name!”

Then, I’ll celebrate with a cold iced tea and wait for next year’s Clydesdale Commercial.

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