Watching and reviewing Super Bowl advertising is an old habit of mine.  It’s easy to get caught up in the sizzle and maybe never taste the steak.  I’ve been sizzling all week. Big event advertising is rooted in an old school belief that “stimulus” is THE critical event prior to purchase.  The simple fact that a company places a commercial in the Super Bowl broadcast, tells us the company still sings from the hymn book of mass advertising. A few of the Super Bowl advertisers attempted to dangle their corporate toe in a social media niche but the water was too cold and foreign to invite a real swim. The paradigm demonstrated by participating in a mass advertising event is actually safer than attempting to convince paradigm-believers that niche marketing coupled with a sweet pull strategy is the essence of new and improved. The sizzle was nice while it lasted.  I’m off to pull-down information I really need.

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