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Today:                     The Product

Tuesday:                 Food Cost and Menu Prices

Wednesday:           Fresh Supply

Thursday:               Day-parts

Friday:                     In-restaurant promotions

Saturday:                A Book, a Tool and a Tweet

Sunday:                   Business Devotion

An American dream to own a restaurant is often birthed in a home kitchen.  A dinner party attendee raves about the chef’s work and offers really bad advice… 

“You’re a great cook…you should open a restaurant.”

The American nightmare begins at the point in time in which someone confuses cooking with running a business. 

Certainly, a restaurant product includes recipes and well-prepared food.   But the full product experience also includes (among others):

  • Location
  • Atmosphere
  • Cleanliness
  • Prices
  • Service
  • Relationships
  • Satisfaction
  • Branding

Restaurant product delivery begins in the parking lot and continues through customer chatter long after the dining experience has become a memory.

Marketing has a role in the delivery of the composite product. Everything matters.  Messaging strategy must address every element of the product.

Words, images and high touch must be delivered to every product spoke-in-the-wheel.

Observe what restaurant owners do to build product acceptance across all components.  I think you will find reasons why chefs may understand their kitchen but have limited understanding of their product.

An old fallacy offers the advice, “if we build a better mouse trap, the world will beat a path to our door.”  Have you ever met a chef who didn’t believe he or she made better food? 

Maybe that’s why we see empty restaurants. 

And that’s a nightmare.

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