Photo Credit: ABC

In reviewing Superbowl advertising, it’s so easy to use the power outage as a metaphor to describe the lackluster field of commercials.  Too easy.

Instead, I prefer to comment on the power of a story well told.  And the secret to a good story is words. 

The best story was told by Chrysler for their Dodge Ram Truck.   Through the brilliant writing of Paul Harvey coupled with beautiful photography, we learn why God made a farmer.  The story was moving, well told, of course, by one of the classic voices in radio history.  The truck was the understated hero of the commercial.

With the touch of a surgeon, the director inserted Dodge Ram almost as an after-thought.  Certainly, every Godly farmer needs a Ram.

Good words are rewarding to the listener.  The farmer story was absent of saccharine but emotionally engaging.  The story was told, hearts  touched, the product shone bright and it was all accomplished in 2 minutes.

On the morning after, I’m not sure what  I want more.  Be a farmer?  Drive a Dodge Ram?  Or to write words that are moving and compelling while creating desire in the hearts and minds of others. 

Wouldn’t that be powerful?

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