Food suppliers can make or break a chef and her restaurant.

What a chef wants most from his supplier is fresh.
Fresh everything delivered daily.

The food supplier wants to box-up everything and deliver food by the truck-loads every couple of weeks.

Suppliers like warehouses. Chefs like a few shelves around the kitchen. Truck deliveries of massive cases of food formed the initial desire for a chef to develop knife handling skills.

A chef’s menu will have a lot to do with the quality and quantity of deliveries needed at the restaurant. Some chefs have fresh fish flown in daily. Other restaurants are happy with frozen deliveries.

Fresh produce, herbs and breads seem to be daily staples, yet many restaurant owners will opt for less expensive versions of such necessities.  Decisions made about the freshness of food will ultimately determine the flavor profile as well as the business model of the restaurant.

I’d like to see a small sign on the front door of every restaurant with information about the delivery date of the last food truck. I would have most of the information needed to decide if the line at  the door would be worth the wait.

Because, if there is a long wait to be seated, fresh food is being served on a daily basis.

Immediate seating is a bit stale for my taste.

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