Apparently, a black eye is a badge of honor. When I see pictures of people with such an eye, it seems to be accompanied by a smile.

I Googled “black-eye” and found a large set of celebrity pictures complete with eye-of-black.

Adam Sandler
Robert Downey Jr.
Steven Tyler
Hugh Laurie
(any surprises thus far?)
Ben Affleck
Randy Travis
Lady GaGa
Reese Witherspoon

And then there’s the Prom Kid star in the Audi A-6 commercial.

A stereo-typical, dateless, shy teenager with a mouthy little sister is given the keys to the his Father’s A-6 .(Definitely not my father’s Oldsmobile) With the roar of an engine and tiger-eyed headlights, the teen’s courage builds enroute to Prom.

And it wasn’t liquid courage. Just the wheels.

We caught a glimpse of things to come when the young pup parked in the Principals parking place.
The teen marched deliberately to his targeted love and proceeded to plant a movie-star kiss upon some big dude’s girlfriend. While we don’t actually see what happened next…


we can only conclude that the principal wanted his parking place !
The teen escapes Prom with a colorfull eye, a kiss to tweet about and really no other memory of his prom.
But his chariot, the A-6, will undoubtedly escort many coming of age young men to their very own, personally engraved, fist-to- the-face.
Now that’s capitalizing upon pent-up demand.

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