My best friend throughout my pursuit of three college degrees, other than my wife, was a pack of 3×5 note cards.  My habit was to make notes in every class of key take-aways, quotes and facts to memorize.  I always had a pack of cards in my pocket.

I also used 3×5 note cards to make notes from books I’ve read throughout the years and I’ve read a LOT of business books.  I would re-read my note cards and found that my take-aways began to accumulate and my knowledge went from my head to my heart.  Take-aways became talking points.


I still have the cards somewhere packed away in a box in my garage.  I wish I could find them and read every one of them.  I wrote note cards for over 35 years.  I was never very good at counting jellybeans in a jar at the county fair, but as I try to estimate my card count, I settle on a number somewhere in excess of 50,000 cards.  I wish I could access them quickly and easily.

A few years ago, I discovered Evernote. It was the first app I added to my first  iPhone. I made a few notes and  uploaded business cards and pictures.  I even used the little elephant (Evernote webclipper) in my browser to cut and paste screen shots into my notes.

Unfortunately, I downloaded many other note apps. My favorite of all, and I think I tested most of the note apps is SimpleNote.  The name says it all.  I use it every day in many different ways.

But it’s not Evernote.

I recently re-discovered Evernote.  I read a couple of  E-books which helped me to see new ways to employ the tool.  I could be so much further down the road to note taking and most importantly, note retrieval had I been disciplined enough to use the power of Evernote.

What would happen if you made only 5 notes a day, every day for 5 years?  Your Evernote library would be holding (assuming a Professional Upgrade) over 9,000 notes.  Access to each note would be simple, fast and reliable.  Ulitmately, this is what re-sold me on Evernote…my notes on everything, available forever.

Searching a note file is much better that searching a big box for a notecard.


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