1. When I was a young boy, I remember that a local hospital was paying one penny for each lightning bug collected in a jar.  In the 50’s, a penny bought stuff, so I got busy collecting bugs.
I learned a valuable life lesson as I struggled to capture light.  In the dark of night, as lightning bugs signal to find their mate, if I didn’t reach out quickly and grab the bug…I wouldn’t see it again.
The lesson taught me an essential element of the creative process.
Ideas come to all of us.  Even those who claim to not have “a creative bone in their body.”  People who routinely deliver creative ideas and thoughts have learned to grab the light when it appears.
Creative types do not stop and ask questions about whether the light is good or bad…they have learned to capture first and ask questions later.  We cannot create and judge in the same moment…or even the same day.
A few quick tips to improve your creativity quotient:
1-
2- See new things…art, museums, ballet etc.
3- Keep a lightning bug  jar with you at all times.  (Take a note about your idea as soon as possible)
4- Do not question your idea.  Capture it.
5- Exercise your creativity.  Think of one new thing every day.  Yes, force it.
Creativity is a discipline and a choice.  It is not a mysterial gift given to a chosen few.
Creative geniuses work hard at making it look easy.
A penny for your thoughts?

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