Superbowl games have been exciting lately, so maybe we can get through a full game and not need a book!  But I’ll offer a suggestion…just in case.
The recommended read for this weekend is another great book from David Meerman Scott–(The New Rules of Marketing and PR, NewsJacking)
“Real Time Marketing and PR.”

Read about the two laws that dictate the speed at which companies now need to engage the market: (1) the power law; and (2) the law of normal distribution.  After reading this book you will have a better feel of crowdsourcing, and other real-time marketing tools and techniques to grab the initiative, launch new channels, and power-up your brand.
I teach 4P’s and T to marketing students.  This book bangs the drum for all marketers to understand the importance of time in the marketing strategy equation.

Americans will consumer over 1 billi0n chicken wings during the Superbowl.  Hard to do with a great book in hand!

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