We all  know that leaders ask questions and managers make statements.
Marketing leaders need to ask  the best questions.

So many questions are asked in a business day with the the desire to hear the answer I want to hear.  Yet, marketers must be trained to hear the true voice of the customer.
A manager walks to a guest table in a cafe and sort-of asks, “Was everything OK?”  I usually have the feeling that the question is a statement and the asker is not listening.  Sometimes it’s just fun to give a goofy answer to see if anyone notices.
A marketer walks to the same guest table and asks something like “I trust your experience was so good tonight that we will see you again soon.  Thanks for trusting us with your evening.”
If the guest had a food or service  problem the previous question will certainly elicit a response.  If the service was excellent, the guest simply smiles and nods. Mission accomplished.
Our employees need to be taught how to speak to guests.  I don’t want to leave marketing communication in the hands of inexperienced customer service reps. Training makes a difference in developing appropriate language for engaging customers.
It takes a lot of practice to ask the right question.

Don’t you agree?

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