Students ask me on a regular basis for reading recommendations. It hurts my head to try to remember the 10-15 business books I read every month. After awhile all the books seem to run together. I think that’s the point of reading!

So, I’m going to add a book or two each week to this blog that I recently read and recommend. I will usually post book recommendations on Friday. Always feel free to post your thoughts or other books for us to consider…especially if the books are newly released.

—Using writing to generate your best ideas, insight and content.

This book will help you create more ideas, faster through a concept the author calls “free writing.” Levy describes several unique to get un-stuck through a style of writing sure to make composition teachers scream. Maybe that’s why I like the tips.

One good tip is worth the price of the book. And the best upside of this read is you will gain a new skill in writing Tweets!

— “A Proven system to drive breakthrough creative”

While disciplined dreaming appears to be an oxymoron, the author makes credible arguments to drive creative thought through patterns of thought paths.

“There are no Forbes 400 billionaires who earned their wealth by playing it safe, cutting costs and following rules. Every one of them did something different.”

That seems reason enough to make this book a home in your library.

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