Physicians have MD’s and State licenses.
Airline Pilots have FAA licenses.
Accountants have CPA’s.
Marketers have self-anointing.

Anyone can hang out a shingle and claim to be a marketer.  They don’t even need a cracker-jack-box-degree.  All they need to do is print business cards with the title “marketing expert.”  Many experts now use tool-specific titles…”social media expert.”  Just a question…how can anyone claim to be an expert in such a new field?  Time builds expertise.

The problem with self proclaimed marketing experts is that they prescribe medicine.  I wonder how many people would accept a prescription from a self-proclaimed medical doctor…(even if someone could fill it?)
It’s ridiculous to consider but bad prescriptions are filled every day in marketing.
My primary definition of marketing malpractice is “does the recommendation (prescription) increase sales for the client?

Instead, an impostor would tell us,  “Trust me.  This advertising campaign will work.””  On what basis should we trust you?  In this age of Google-expertise it is rather easy to download jargon and shallow knowledge.
I haven’t found a source to download marketing wisdom.
And wisdom leads to proper prescriptions.
The self-anointed in marketing simply don’t know what they don’t know.
And in most fields of knowledge, DOING and not knowing is malpractice.

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