It’s dangerous to have only one good idea.

I’m often amazed at how people who offer business solutions bring only one idea to the table.  The suggestion is made that THIS idea is THE answer.    Alternative solutions aren’t considered because THIS idea is the one idea to move the business forward.

Business rarely happens as we forecast or predict.  Change occurs rapidly and environmental factors often nibble away at our foundation.

Come to the table with several alternative solutions.  Present options for equal and passionate consideration.  Idea Fathers need to give all their children a chance to grow-up and flourish.  It’s not good parenting to play favorites.

Every plenary session should end with a discussion of a life boat plan.  The life boat plan is our way forward if everything turns against us.  It’s a healthy drill to actually SEE a worst case scenario and then plan for it.

Often, the best way forward in times of stress is to strip the business to its core essence.

* What matters most?

* Have we picked all the low hanging fruit?

* Are we meeting the needs of our best customers?

The next time you are presented with a one idea solution, ask one question… “Is this the best idea you have?” And of course, apply appropriate facial contortions.

Make it dangerous in your company to have only one idea.

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