One of the first symptoms of senior-itis is the sudden awareness that college is ending and the job search is beginning.

Regardless of major or mission, most students have more than one sleepless night while thinking about the first step down a career path.  It’s not that the thoughts haven’t visited before.  Now, however, the thoughts won’t go away.

What am I going to do when I graduate?”

For marketing students, the options are many and varied.  There isn’t a best path to the office of CMO.  Most CMO’s would confess that graduation goals didn’t include the pursuit of CMO.  It happens because of choice, mentors and a strong ability to sell.

I believe the most common trait of Fortune 500’s CMO’s is a track record of success in sales.

Selling provides a boot camp experience that catalyzes development in understanding consumers, work ethic, time management, writing skills, presentation skills, teamwork and a long list of other character traits necessary to lead a marketing department.

Professional sellers learn that revenue production is not just a good idea… it’s a mandate.  Sellers learn that success is not a matter of entitlement but results driven.  Doing matters more than talking.

A well developed production mentality fuels promotion into higher level marketing opportunities.  The boardroom has a keen eye for producers.

Young marketers need to embrace an opportunity to sell. Sales are the heart of a marketing department.  And it takes a lot of heart to sell.

Sell your way to the top.

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