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One side or the other of a negotiation holds more power than the other.  Power comes in various forms:

  • Information. Power negotiators come to the table with knowledge.  Know both sides of the deal.
  • Time. Power is absorbed by those not in a hurry to get the deal done.  Speed kills.
  • Authority.  Be the decision maker or get her to the table!
  • Options. Knowledge includes awareness of an ability to not just walk-away but WALK TO.
  • Reputation. It’s OK to be known for having bulldog tenacity with a seasoning of persuasive ability and integrity.

If your side of the table is lacking in one or more of the factors, negotiating power is limited.  The primary focus of negotiating through weakness is the willingness to postpone need.  It’s better to not be in any position of weakness in a business deal.

Hopefully, both sides of the table are dedicated to win-win agreements.

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