What Do Your Customers Need to Know About Your Products?

A fundamental element of marketing a product or service should be to educate the customer.

The obvious questions are what do customers need to know and  how do business owners transfer the education?  The logical components of education include, product knowledge and value orientation.  Customers need to know how to get the most return on their investment.

Beyond this seemingly obvious need for education, a business owner needs to be viewed in the market-place as an industry expert.  As an owner, I want the marketplace to recognize my knowledge as the best available on any topic within my category.

Consumers depend on companies to keep a free flow of information.  Relationships are established  on the basis of information services.  Social media provides rapid access to consumer based knowledge transfer but companies need to be knowledge leaders.

As an owner, do you want customers to be the primary educators of potential customers?  On the surface, it may seem that a cadre of satisfied customers providing answers to potential customers is ideal.  This is a slippery slope.

Customers are fickle and their knowledge usually comes at the hand of a very limited experience.  They don’t know what they don’t know.  Opinions often cloud the facts.

The flow of knowledge about the company and all associated products and services needs to be orchestrated.

  • White Papers— Create several downloadable documents for shoppers.  Earn trust by providing a wide range of answers to probable questions.
  • Customer Testimonials—Legitimate comments from customers are very helpful to prospects.  Resist the temptation to write your own testimonials.  Comments should be real and fat with integrity.
  • Product Applications—Create documents, photos, and short videos to demonstrate ways and means to capture all product benefits.

Social media should be used to direct customers to information.  It’s very difficult to transfer sufficient knowledge in 145 characters or less.  But Twitter can be a powerful  tool to direct customers to downloadable libraries of knowledge.

Add information to the library every day.  Teach customers to buy again and fully realize all product benefits.

The process of fully educating customers should occur before, during and after product purchase.  Teach your customers or your competitors will.

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