Monday Morning 2 Minute Book Review

“MULTIPLIERS: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter” by Liz Wiseman with Greg McKeown

Wiseman: 17 years in Senior Management at Oracle.  Major body of field research with McKeown to identify the presence of polar leadership styles: Multiplier or Diminisher  (The author acknowledges the poles are extremes of Leadership styles).

This book will be a topic of conversation in boardrooms, MBA classes and to mirrors. If your desire is to be a leader in business, take a day away from the office and curl up with this book, a couple legal pads and a pack of 3×5 note cards.  The take-aways are plentiful and significant.

If you miss this book, you won’t understand why your employees are labeling you a diminisher and leaving your company to work for a multiplier.


* Today’s business environment places new demands upon leaders with insufficient resources.
* “The vast majority of the work force possesses far more capability, creativity, talent, initiative and resourcefulness than their jobs allow or even require them to use.”
*  99% of leaders feel pressure to be more productive with less resources?Overworked and Under-utilized (We have more to do than ever before—with pent-up talent and gifts that are mostly ignored)
* Core strategy to hire the most intelligent must be followed with intentional access to the talent
*Leverage the full capacity of the organization
* A change in command can cause a change in capabilities.  (A new boss may see the potential in someone previously ignored)
* Some leaders seem to drain the intelligence and capability of people around them
* For them to look smart, other people have to look dumb…When they walk into a room the shared IQ drops
* It isn’t how much you know that matters.  Its how much you can access what other people know.

The Diminisher is an Empire Builder < The Multiplier is a Talent Magnet
Diminisher is a Tyrant < Multiplier is a Liberator
Diminisher is a know it all < Multiplier  is a challenger
Diminisher is a Decision Maker < Multiplier is a Debate Maker
Diminisher is a micromanger < Multiplier is an investor

* A muliplier has a way of daring you, which can be irresistible
* Fish Discover water last
* The best work is done when one can hold a single question for a long time
* “What is the question that you are asking yourself this year?”  Dinesh Chandra
* How is what I know getting in the way of what I don’t know?
* How can I multiply the intelligence of others?

Download this book, buy one, buy several.  Take the 30 day challenge and learn how you’ve been diminishing performance. I wish this book had been written 25 years ago.  I would have made fewer mistakes.  I apologize to all those I may have diminished.

Tell us how you are multiplying those around you.

Photo by Rebecca Gunn

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