Monday Morning  2 Minute Book Review

“Baked In”  by Alex Bogusky and John Winsor


  • Seth Godin said “this is a workbook.  If you’re serious about overhauling the way your organization does marketing, here’s a great place to start.”
  • “Baked In” is written by experienced ad executives with a “Now-view” of what is and should be happening in the marketing planning process.  This book screams the necessity of integrating product design and marketing.  I’m thrilled we now a definitive work on how and why PRODUCT is one of the “P’s” of the marketing mix.
  • Interesting Quotes:
    • “marketing people like to say that product is more than a    physical object”  –Yes we do… because the product is not a    product unless a customer has a need met.
    • “Today, marketing and product design remain largely  disconnected ideas.”  So true.  This why marketers such as  Bogussky and Winsor are wildly successful in advertising.  Companies who “get” this book will have the ultimate competitive advantage.
    • When marketing finally shows-up to help product movement there are 4 possible outcomes:
      • The product has no story and neither does the marketing
      • The product has no story, but the marketing makes one up anyway
      • The product has a story but the marketing tells a different one
      • The product has a story and the marketing makes it sing
      • Only one of the above is acceptable.
  • “Evolution requires us to continually refresh our competitive advantage.  To innovate forever is not an aspiration; it is a design specification.  It is not a strategy; it is a requirement.”  Geoffrey Moore in his book : “Dealing with Darwin: How Great Companies Innovate at Every Phase of their Evolution.”
  • “Today companies are being built without advertising in a way that would have been impossible not long ago.”
  • Buy this book and memorize it.  Study the proposed 28 Rules for Baking In.
  • This book could be a text-book in any strategy class.

Booksellers’ inventory is fat with “How To” books that totally miss this heart of the message of “Baked-In.”  While I think Business Schools teach the principles of this book, I would be a fool to think companies have adopted more than a lip-service approach to strategy development linked to baking-in a marketing message.

This book is brilliant.  Read it often and buy 10 copies for your advertising agency.

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