Marketers say a lot of things that make them sound like marketers.

“Only 5 left in stock.”

“New and improved.”

“Sale ends Friday.”

I could write a library of blogs to rant about what’s wrong with empty, hackneyed promises but today I want to focus on a marketing promise that is often made, yet frequently unfulfilled…

“Satisfaction Guaranteed.”

An offer to return my money if I’m not happy with the product or service is not only fair, it’s great marketing.  Why do companies expect their customers to take ANY risk?

The business assumes risk as a cost of doing business.  The consumer simply wants to get what she paid for!

It’s the job of marketing to offer the most power-packed guarantee in the industry.  Other companies may have a better location, better employees or have more longevity but  NO ONE should offer a better guarantee than my company.

I believe that companies who offer strong guarantees have a more sustainable business than a company who fails to offer any type of risk reversal.

Your business may boast, “In Business Since 1910.”  Mine will offer…

“If for ANY reason you become dissatisfied with your purchase during your entire lifetime…let us know and we will replace it or happily refund your money.  No questions.  No hassles.”

Business owners will flog me and claim that customers will take advantage of the offer.  I will have so many more customers than my competition–it won’t matter how many customers cheat me.  It’s called marketing cost… a cost of doing business.

Customers should have zero risk in doing business with my company.  That’s not a marketing claim.  It’s the way to run a business.

Tell us how you feel about risk reversal.

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