Monday Morning 2 Minute Book Review

“The 24 Hour Customer” by Adrian C. Ott

  • Author is a Harvard MBA , Silicon Valley consultant, and former HP executive
  • From the Jacket…”She explores the economics of time and attention. Including why customers will devote hours addicted to social networks, yet will say “I have no time” to other offerings
  • This book provides tools such as “Time-Value Trade-Offs” and “Timeographics” that pinpoint opportunities to increase revenue and gain market traction
  • “Time” is the 5th P of Marketing.  “Time as competitive advantage.”
  • Time-Shifting is not just conceptual thinking…it is strategy
    • Hulu and Netflix offer time-shift as product
    • Zoom systems in Airport kiosks offers convenience (and speed) as brand
    • The end of each chapter provides a 2-Minute Take Away from the chapter.  The following is a list of powerful take-aways from a few chapters:
      • Focus on customer time to evaluate, set-up, and consume a product
      • What would it take to create instant gratification as a way to change the game
      • Differentiate on customer time priorities
      • Market around time benefit rather than product features
    • The primary message of the book is that marketers should increase time value or decrease time cost..  The take-aways are many and significant.  The writing is clear, simple and not to be ignored.
    • “The 24 Hour Customer” is an important new weapon in strategy arsenal.
    • Staking a claim on your customers’ precious time and attention will require focused attention.  This book will help you think in a new and focused pattern.

Consumers will never have more time.  It is unlikely we will every be less busy.  Companies who offer a time advantage will gain significant leverage.

Read this book today and include time strategy in your 2011 planning meetings!

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