• This book is modern-day  “Elements of Style” targeted directly toward business writing
  • 2 Things we must know about our writing:
    • A clear idea of what good writing looks and sounds like today
    • A system to think through any business writing problem including email, blogs, website copy, speeches, business proposals and many more applications.
  • 52 Writing Truths are presented (Chapters)
  • Use the book as reference tool—here a little there a little—or read in one sitting
  • For developing writers this book is an essential primer in writing.  It’s a short-cut for a trip from poor writing to solid business writing.
  • “Saying it” helps you connect –a direct take-away from the book.  Explain your point simply and as you would speak it.
  • “Planning is the magic ingredient” It is so rare that writers plan the words in some path of reason.
  • “Begin with a strong lead.” This is probably the most violated principle taught in the book.  The shorter the read, the more important the lead will be.
  • Corollary: “Cut to the chase.  Put the bottom line on top.”
  • “Cover your ground and “remember the ask.”  What a waste it is to craft a nice document and not ask the reader to do something.  Remember the call to action.
  • Read this book and write.  Edit and keep writing.

I continue to read research from executives and HR leaders lamenting the fact that   employees cannot write.  Writing is no less important today than 100 years ago.  New media does not eliminate the need for good writing…it enhances it.

I highly recommend this book to anyone with aspirations to succeed in business.

Writing is a primary survival skill.

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