MONDAY MORNING BOOK REVIEW:  The Copywriting Scorecard by Rowse and Murray
  • Darren is the Author of—probably THE most informative blog on blogging.  Always relevant information.  No fluff.  It’s a must for your RSS feed.
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  • Author of  31 Days to Build a Better Blog (Workbook) – also highly recommended
  • Author of PROBLOGGER—The Book—Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income—this book was required in my MBA Marketing Class last year.
  • Now, let’s look at ScoreCard:
  • For copywriting students and wannabees—the tips  should be very familiar—
  • Quote from the top:
    • “If you’re a business blogger, you’re selling credibility, authority, respect, trustworthiness and—ultimately—a product or service.  If you’re a professional blogger, you’re selling you—your personal brand—in order to sell real estate on your site or promote affiliate products.”
    • Great reason-why copy for the purchase of this e-book
  • This e-book provides a system for scoring your blog’s posts and “measure the quality of your writing.”  The book combines basic copywriting with SEO tips.  If your writing isn’t Search Engine Optimized, it might never be found.
  • Other good take-aways:
    • “People connect with people not posts.”    Be a person in your writing.
    • “You don’t have to make your reader cry, but you don’t want them to be bored to tears, either.”  Fire-up some emotion!
    • “What do you want your reader to do when they finish the post?” It doesn’t get more basic—or important than a call to action.
  • Your blog may produce a good score “but still not manage to resonate with readers, for one reason or another.  Let your readers decide.”

The price of the E-book TRIPLES on September 1st.  Download it today and KEEP SCORE.

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