The definition of synergy is often simplified by the formula, “two plus two equals five. ”  I’ve always liked business math.

In our business and more specifically in our marketing thoughts, we should be seeking ways to create synergy from every investment dollar.  We invest to increase, not simply break-even.

I have heard many media sales people promise a return on the client’s investment dollar as measured by a promise to recover the advertising expense.    There is so much wrong with this type of thinking/selling/begging.

Multiples create sustainability.  We shouldn’t be looking to only add revenue today.  Ideally, the decisions we make today should impact our bottom line well into the future.

The multiplier effect is a rich concept worth further thinking.

If I am a magician and I learn a new trick today, the question that begs is “how many more magic shows will I perform in my life?”  The effect of learning one new trick is multiplied over the course of my career.

Consider the following list of multipliers:

  • One new idea from a book .  How many times will I use the idea from this day forward?
  • Meeting people who don’t think like I think.   –Geometric growth multiplied times the number of days remaining in my life.
  • Travel.  New venues open up new opportunities to break my mold.  Multiplied.
  • Critique.  Not the mean spirited, jealousy-laden kind…but coaching.   If someone helps me to improve today, I have the opportunity to multiply the coaching for many years.
  • New technology and early adoption.  I hope to never be so old as to become a laggard in my adoption of new things.  Most new technology provides the opportunity for me to multiply my thinking and accept anything new.  If I can be quick to adopt a new iPad or cloudy tool, perhaps I can more easily accept the inevitable adaptation required by the interruptions of advancement in chronological age.

I want to wake-up with a multiplication table running through my mind.

What is your formula for synergistic living?

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