Media does not replace media.

Television did not make radio extinct. Cable did not replace network programming. Satellite delivery has not made cable go away.

Social media has not and will not replace broadcast media. One- to-one marketing is essential but mass marketing has not yet been fossilized.

Blogs are buzzing about the certain, coming demise of e-mail as we know it today. The USPS, their snails and ponies would be wise to RSS the chatter.

As media properties become challenged, a season of reinvention must follow.  Each delivery system must re-think the method to their madness. As consumer needs and consumption patterns change,  the underlying assumptions and marketplace that once existed for the challenged-medium has been blown-up. The sooner that media managers realize their world has changed, the better.

Laggards will suffer.

Perhaps we are facing a sea-change in e-mail as a preferred communication system.  Based on the quantity of emails we seem to labor-through each day, it is certainly not a now problem.  Seers and prognosticators are perhaps viewing blips on the radar screen that are false echoes.

However, it seems difficult to deny that text messaging is already an important business tool.  Social uses aside, intra-company and B2B moves forward each day with countless transfer of byte-sized texting. Instructions are passed, appointments confirmed and deals completed.

But texting will not replace email.  We may change the way we use e-mail.  But e-mail as a medium will not go the way of the dinosaur.

It’s still more about the words than the medium.  The message matters.  Whether we write in the sky, in twitterverse or with pen in hand, it’s all about the words.

The medium is not the message.

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