There are too many weeds in the garden.

Back in the day, I don’t know what day, but it sounds a lot better than “once upon a time” …knowledge sprang up from a strong root system.  Roots ran deep, long before experts sprouted the fruit of learning.

Taproots bore deep into the earth of a matter.   A good tap might even tunnel into page two of a Google search.

It seems that marketing “knowledge” has sprung a generation of offshoots, largely unfed by a root system.

New marketers anoint their own heads on a daily basis as “consultants” and boldly proclaim their wares.

The half-life of marketing knowledge has certainly shortened with the advent of new technology and media options.  It’s relatively easy to learn a marketing tool du jour, write a blog, puff out a few tweets and optimize a website.

Somewhere along the way, we became tool specific rather than marketing specific.  It seems the desire to develop holistic thinking has all but evaporated.  The Law of the Instrument holds that if you give a little boy a hammer, he will surely hammer everything in sight.

Facebook and Twitter is fertilized with vacuous offers:

“7 Steps to this.”  “4 Quick Steps to That.”  “You don’t even have to read my blog…just click here for instant mastery .”

Novice marketers are far too often only specialists in marketing malpractice.

Novices can learn a tool.  Novices can sell tools.  Novices cannot tell you why the tool works in a marketing system.

Marketing thought has gone vo-tech.

“Dude just buy the tool!”

Weed be gone!

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