Once is not enough.

Shampoo labels instruct us to “do it again.”  How fun it must be to market a product that gets poured down a shower drain every day.  Are bad hair days caused by failure to follow the rules?

The formula for shampoo may be designed by chemists but it’s the marketing formula that makes Prell so Swell.  Rinse and Repeat is brilliant marketing strategy.  What do we want customers to do with our product?

Use it.  Consume it.  Buy it again.

We can learn a lot from a shampoo bottle.

Successful businesses became that way because something worked and the something became systematized (bottled) and oft repeated.  Success is usually the repetition of a seemingly little thing–coupled with unusual excellence.  Passion is required to execute trivial systems with excellence.

Simple is a great separator.  Young marketers like complexity.  Geezers prefer simple.  Tried and true.

Quick tips to simple:

  1. What is it that when you do it—sales increase?  Focus on that thing!  Do it again and again.  (Insert any metric in place of the words “sales increase.”Ex. Relationships improve)
  2. What keeps you from doing that thing?  Delegate it. Time batch it. Or delete it.  Does it really matter?
  3. Clarify systems with check-lists.  Checklists are the definition of simple.
  4. Inspect the simple.  Left alone, systems will become complex.  More stuff gets added.  We lose our simple alignment.  Demand simple.
  5. Don’t change what works.  The cute book , “If it’s not Broke, Break it” is awful advice and worse strategy.  If your formula is working, keep the shampoo flowing.  Maintain watch on the market and note every metric but smash the accelerator to the floor.

Take some time to really think about what works for you.

No bad hair days.

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