A regular feature of this blog will be a review of relevant new business books that I stumble across during my weekend reading.

My reviews will be in bullet point format.  No need for me to write a book about a book.  I am not an Amazon affiliate so I have no financial interest in your decision to read the reviewed book.  Comments are encouraged.   Feel free to add bullets of your own.

The Referral Engine by John Jantsch

* Jantsch is a small business master coach and the author of   “Duct Tape Marketing”

* There are over 100 books on the subject of gaining customer referrals. This book provides more specific how-to’s than most others.  (Yes, I probably have that book too)

* Hot Links!!  Read Referral Engine on an iPad and every recommended site or look-up is hot-linked and ready to be clicked…with easy return back to your book.  This is the future of book reading!  What a terrific service to readers!

* The links are worth more than the price of the book.  Jantsch turns over a quarry of rocks for his readers.

* If you own or lead a business and you manage referrals by chance…this book was written for you.

* If you own or lead a business and you THINK you have a stellar referral plan in your business…this book was written for you.

* According to an iPad link,  the most highlighted line in the book is …  “Your employees probably treat your customers about the same way you treat your employees.”

* Very scarey on three levels…

1- That readers would need to highlight such a line

2- That employers really don’t understand the depth of truth in this statement.

3- That iPad snoops know what I’m highlighting.

* Another frequently highlighted quote...”There are countless ways that companies build and break trust with their customers but most can be summed up with the term “honesty.” (Highlighter ink should run freely in this book)

* Chapter 12– Snack-sized Suggestions –This chapter is similar to attending a seminar titled “50 ideas in 50 minutes.”  Save your travel budget and buy this book.

*Chapter 13 — Workshop — If leaders would read and execute the plans presented in this chapter (and action ideas offered in previous chapters) marketing efficacy could be drastically improved.

* The hardest decision to make after reading a book of this caliber is to decide what to do first.  Start with Chapter 13 and start DOING STUFF.  Then read backwards to understand WHY your sales are increasing.

* I also recommend John’s blog, “Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing.”  Fresh new ideas and LINKS every day.  And follow him on your favorite social media!

* Please refer this blog to friends.  Thank you!

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