This website features a blog that is written to inform and empower entrepreneurs and small business leaders of today and tomorrow. The content will be heavily weighted to marketing strategy, answering WHAT needs to be done to increase sales. If we have a firm grasp of WHAT to do, it is much easier to determine HOW to do it with excellence.

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Dr. Greene received his Ph. D in marketing from Memphis State University. He has worked in television station management and worked directly with over 80 stations throughout the United States. He has worked in marketing capacities with McDonald’s, Jiffy Lube, and Stanley Steamer. He has owned restaurants, a national advertising agency and a syndicated marketing research firm. Dr. Greene has served as the Dean of the College of Business and professor of marketing at Oral Roberts University. Dr. Greene’s marketing focus is on the management of customer satisfaction and measuring the impact of marketing strategy and tactics. He is an owner-friendly marketer and understands unit economics and how it relates to marketing and the impact on profitability. He is a nationally known speaker and trainer in the fields of marketing and customer relationship management. He has been married to his wife, Anette, for 40 years and has three grand kids.

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Content is KING. Frequency is QUEEN.

- Dr. Steve Greene

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I am widely read and networked and receive great business advice from many sources. But Dr. Greene cuts through the clutter and focuses me on what I really want to pursue and what to do now to get there.
- Jared Bushwell,
The information that Dr. Greene shares has helped myself and my family. I have been able to use the lessons learned in my personal life as well as our family business. I can’t say enough good stuff about the true value in the seminars.
- Tony Agostino,
I feel a tremendous amount of growth since my introduction to Steve Greene Seminars. I feel like my goals, personal and business related, are more attainable now than six months ago. Dr. Steve Greene is a powerful speaker and demands your attention. I always leave his seminars feeling hopeful and optimistic about my future plans.
- Amanda Casey,
Dr. Greene has helped me by teaching me how to be better. Everyday I leave here I feel stronger than before and ready to conquer the day.
- Aimee Hughes,
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